The 2016 Giller Prize winner



Congratulations to Madeleine Thien whose novel Do Not Say We Have Nothing was named the winner of the 2016 Giller Prize last night.

You will recall from our Shadow Giller announcement on Saturday that we thought very highly of Thien’s novel — we have reviewed it here and here — but after much discussion we chose  Catherine Leroux’s The Party Wall as our winner. Both titles, we would argue, are brilliant books deserving of your attention.

Do Not say we have nothing British edition

To see Thien’s (rather touching) winning speech, please visit the CBC Books website.


Sadly, that’s the end of the Giller Prize season for another year. We hope you’ve enjoyed following our Shadow Giller proceedings, reviews and tweets over the past two months. We’ve had a brilliant time doing it and read some wonderful books in the process. Thanks so much for your support.

3 Responses to “The 2016 Giller Prize winner”

  1. Louise Says:

    Thank you all, so much. Not only have I enjoyed your reviews, I have loved seeing “Kevin from Canada” popping in to my inbox on such a regular basis again. I miss him, very much. Thank you for keeping his memory alive, thank you for keeping his blog an active living thing. Cheers, Louise

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  2. sharkell Says:

    Thank you to the shadow jurors for keeping the reviews coming in and to Sheila for adjudicating. I’m looking forward to reading both the shadow winner and the prize winner.

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  3. buriedinprint Says:

    So pleased to have been able to follow along with this process: thanks to all of you for your enthusiasm and dedication and how lovely to have such such a particularly winning list this year too!

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