The Shadow Jury is back for 2016!


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Hello, this is Kim from Reading Matters once again. I’m pleased to let you know…

**drum roll, please**

…that the Shadow Giller Jury has decided to return for 2016!

Ever since the longlist was announced last week, we’ve been talking behind the scenes to see whether it was possible to shadow the prize again without our much-loved chairman to guide us along. It feels bittersweet to continue what has become an annual tradition without Kevin steering the ship, but we felt it was the best way to honour him and I’m sure it’s something he would like us to do given that championing Canadian literature was so dear to his heart. And, as the kicker says on Kevin’s banner above, “the show must go on…”

(Regular visitors will know that Kevin chaired a “shadow jury” since year two of the Giller — you can find the story of its history here.)

The make up of this year’s jury will be slightly different to previous years. I will be continuing as per usual, as will Alison Gzowski, who is an editor at The Globe and Mail. Sadly, Trevor Berrett, who blogs at The Mookse and the Gripes, has decided to bow out owing to other commitments (he’s judging the Best Translated Book Award), though he may chime in with comments and perhaps review one or two shortlisted books on his blog. We are sad to see him go.

In his place, we’re excited to announce that Naomi MacKinnon, who blogs at Consumed by Ink, has agreed to take part in this year’s jury. Naomi, who is from Nova Scotia, is another enthusiastic champion of Canadian literature and if you haven’t discovered her wonderful blog yet, please do pop along and check it out.

During the course of Giller Prize season, Kevin’s blog will feature excerpts of reviews by Naomi (with links to the full version), I will crosspost my own reviews here and on my own blog, and Alison promises to contribute a few guest posts and be actively involved in the comments, too. Because of the short timing between the longlist and shortlist announcement, it’s unlikely we’ll be reviewing the entire longlist, but we will endeavour to read every title on the shortlist and take it from there…

In the long-established tradition of the Shadow Giller Jury, we will announce our winner a few days in advance of the official Giller Prize announcement on November 7.

Please do add comments and chime in with your own thoughts on the titles as we review them. Taking part in the Shadow Giller has always been a highlight of my reading year, but it’s made all the better when booklovers from across the world jump in and take part.


24 Responses to “The Shadow Jury is back for 2016!”

  1. Rose McIntyre Says:

    I am so glad the Shadow Jury is back and I look forward to reading all your comments……………….Rose McIntyre


  2. Tricia Dower Says:

    Hooray and thank you!.


  3. Sheila O'Brien Says:

    Indeed the show must go on! Kevin would be so pleased that you are continuing his long tradition. Bravo, shadow Jury.


  4. Shelagh (sic) Says:

    Standing by, breathlessly, for your next dispatch. The beat goes on. How wonderful.


  5. buriedinprint Says:

    I’m looking forward to the discussions of this year’s longlisted titles and it’s exciting to hear both that Trevor has other inspiring reading duties ahead and that Naomi will be joining in as well; her coverage of Canlit is consistently dynamic and enthusiastic and she has added many titles to my TBR list.


  6. sharkell Says:

    Really glad the Shadow Giller is going ahead – a great tribute to Kevin


  7. Jessie May Keller Says:

    A bright spot in a troublesome day….I am happy to know that the Shadow Jury returns! Kevin will be delighted.


  8. Anouk Says:

    This good news made my day!! Thank you all. Looking forward to find out the result of shadow Giller winner.


  9. winstonsdad Says:

    Wonderful to see you carrying the torch kim


  10. Deborah Says:

    So delighted that the Shadow Jury is returning! I’ll be following along. Currently reading Do Not Say We Have Nothing .


  11. Lisa Hill Says:

    Yay, good on you, (as we say you know where!)


  12. Margaret Sanders Says:

    This is wonderful news …such a welcome group of voices stepping up to tell a story that continues beyond death. Beautiful.


  13. Alison Says:

    So glad to be part of it. I’m about to head to my book club (we are reading Lawrence Hill’s The Illegal) but I started one of the longlisted books just now: Zoe Whittall’s The Best Kind of People. Already 50 pages in and can’t wait to get back to it.


  14. Jennifer D Says:

    So glad this will carry on for 2016. Thank you.


  15. Naomi Says:

    I’m feeling excited to be a part of it all this year, and looking forward to some good discussions!


  16. lauratfrey Says:

    Congrats Naomi! Couldn’t go to a better CanLit blogger. I shall follow along and hopefully comments lots… I’m reading The Best Kind of People and maybe The Party Wall. I got a library hold in on 13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl and it is really short, so maybe that too!


  17. Louise Says:

    Bittersweet indeed, but thank you all for continuing this tradition. I rarely comment, but I read and savour every post, and your reviews make my reading of the books that much more enjoyable. Thank you.


  18. kimbofo Says:

    Thank you so much for all your positive comments… so delighted to hear we’ve made the right decision to do this…


  19. BookerTalk Says:

    What a lovely way to honour Kevins dedication to Canadian lit.


  20. Bibliobroads Says:

    Beautiful! The tradition continues with perfect jury members! Looking forward to it. Bibliobroads


  21. Anne G. Says:

    So glad to see the Shadow Giller is back – so looking forward to it and sure Kevin would be pleased


  22. Mary Says:

    Thanks for continuing the reviews – Look forward to the discussions


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