It turns out I was a tad optimistic in announcing the return of the Kevin From Canada blog. A medical procedure that I thought I could take in stride has got in the way of both reading and blogging.

I’m hoping to be back in shape shortly. I have all the Giller titles on hand and still intend to get to as many as possible. Thanks in advance for bearing with me.

22 Responses to “Apologies”

  1. Jessie May Keller Says:

    I was happy to see you were back…and now this. My sympathies…but hang in there and when you are able, enjoy reading.
    Cheers, Jessie May Keller


  2. Judy Gardner Says:

    I’ll be thinking of you and trusting all will,go well
    Good thoughts and prayers toward this


  3. Dee Says:

    Take good care. We’ll await your return and hope it will be soon.


  4. Jill Johnson Says:

    Take care and good luck in a speedy return to blogging.


  5. Lisa Hill Says:

    Not to worry, we’ll be thinking of you and sending our very best wishes …


  6. winstonsdad Says:

    Hope you feel better soon


  7. Dave Margoshes Says:

    Hang in there, Kevin. It wouldn’t be “Giller time” without you.


  8. Joanne Good Says:

    Kevin: oops on the previous post. . .was learning the ropes.
    Have enjoyed your blog since Catherine told me about it a couple of years ago and as all others have said, best wishes are with you; think of you often and look forward to your perspective on matters, literary.


  9. whisperinggums Says:

    As a dear old English gentleman friend of mine used to say when he hit setbacks – another golden thread in the rich tapestry of life. Take care. Kevin. We’ll be here.


  10. Pat Dowdall Says:

    Hope all goes smoothly and you feel well enough to read. Can’t imagine the Gillers without you!


  11. Louise Says:

    All best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.


  12. queenofthepark Says:

    Very best wishes as you recover, and may the reading when you get to it be all the sweeter.


  13. KevinfromCanada Says:

    My thanks again for all the supportive comments. I’ll be picking up a book today.


  14. susanonthesoapbox Says:

    All the best Kevin, hope you’re back in the pink soon.


  15. Scott W Says:

    Kevin – all best with the procedure and the recovery, and hope to see you back here soon.


  16. Mary Rhodes Says:

    Hope you are well again soon. I’ve been an occasional visitor and look forward to the Giller/Shadow Giller discussions


  17. Lee Monks Says:

    Good luck, Kevin.


  18. Carole Besharah Says:

    Best of luck, Kevin. Wishing you lots of rest and a good recovery. We Giller nerds will miss your reviews!


  19. Deirdre Says:

    Take good care, Kevin. We’ll wait!


  20. Margaret Says:

    Hoping today is a good day followed by many more with a book in your hand.


  21. Mary Gilbert Says:

    Hi Kevin
    Sorry to be late with my best wishes for your speedy recovery. I’ve missed your blog and your wise reviews. When I lived in deepest Brittany your suggestions were a real lifeline. I’m living in Wales now but your recommendations continue to inform my reading. Get well soon Kevin and take your time! Warmest wishes Mary from Wales.


  22. leroyhunter Says:

    Really good to see you back Kevin, and I hope all is well with you.


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