The KfC blog is back — and so is the Shadow Giller


Health issues have meant the Kevin from Canada blog has been silent for all of 2015. Things have progressed however and I’m ready to resume reading (and blogging) — although I’ll warn in advance that there may still be some down periods. My personal thanks to those who have sent comments and emails expressing concerns and support for my challenge.

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The decision to start the blog up again now was undoubtedly influenced by the fact that the 2015 Giller Prize longlist will be announced Sept. 9. Regular visitors here are aware that since year two of the Giller I have chaired a “Shadow Jury” that has dueled with the Real Jury in making choices. It has taken a variety of forms — you can find the story of its history here.

This year’s jury will remain the same as in recent years. Kim Forrester, an Aussie ex-pat who lives in London, blogs at Reading Matters. Trevor Berrett blogs at The Mookse and the Gripes from his home base in Utah. And Alison Gzowski is an editor at the Globe and Mail.

As in past years, I’ll post excerpts of Kim and Trevor’s reviews with links to the full version. Alison may be contributing a few guest posts here. With only four weeks to the shortlist announcement, we do our best to try to make sure at least one of us reads each longlist book — we don’t really get going until the shortlist season.

It is great to be back. I certainly welcome comments on the Giller (and links to your own reviews if they are up). We have had a lot of fun with it over the last five years here and I hope this year will be equally as rewarding and entertaining.


39 Responses to “The KfC blog is back — and so is the Shadow Giller”

  1. Trevor Says:

    It is great to have you back, Kevin!


  2. patpreston Says:

    KEVIN. I had no idea you were “out of commission.” I hope you are much improved. Looking forward to following you again. love, pat


  3. Trevor Says:

    The Shadow Giller has been a highlight of my reading year ever since you invited me aboard, yet this year I feel it will be extra special. Thanks for having me aboard again!


  4. Tekon Says:

    Kevin – I am so glad to see you are back in business. I was afraid you had been unwell when you disappeared for so long. I have been checking your site every few weeks and at last there you are. Hope things go well for you. Looking forward to all the hoopla for the Gillers and the Shadow Gillers………..Rose McIntyre


  5. Lee Monks Says:

    Fantastic to have you back, Kevin. I look forward to the coverage!


  6. Louise Says:

    SO please to “see” you again!! I first discovered your blog when I started my PhD; I’m pleased to announce that I passed my Viva with no corrections in August. Thanks are due to you for helping me discover how to become a close reader of fiction, and for Canadian authors and their works that you introduced me to. Thank you.


  7. Says:

    I missed your blog! Happy to have you back. I look forward to the Giller fun.
    Cheers, May Keller


  8. David Says:

    Wonderful to see a new KfC blog post pop up in my inbox just now, Kevin. I saw your comment about health issues a few months back and have kept hoping everything was okay. As ever I’m looking forward to your Giller coverage – there have been some wonderful eligible books this year (Marina Endicott, Kim Echlin, Mark Anthony Jarman, Alix Hawley, Stephen Marche, Connie Gault, Heather O’Neill…) so I’m hoping it will be a strong longlist. Anyway, great to see you back and I wish you the best.


    • KevinfromCanada Says:

      The longlist will be a bit of a challenge for me. I did not read a book of any sort until August. And Jane Urquhart’s new novel is the only Canadian fiction I have read so far this year.

      It is good to be back.


  9. Jayant Says:


    I have followed your blog for many years now, and kept checking in every once in a while to see if there was a new post, or even a statement about why it was discontinued. I am very glad to see that you are on the whole well and will resume posting. Yours was the first book blog I learned to follow and it introduced me to some other very good ones, and many, many invaluable books. Thanks and hope to see you continue for a very long while.


  10. Dave Margoshes Says:

    Very glad to have you healthy again, Kevin.


  11. Tricia Dower Says:

    So glad to see this in my inbox today. I’ve missed you!


  12. Guy Savage Says:

    Nice to see you back, Kevin.


  13. Pat Dowdall Says:

    So glad you are back!


  14. Claudia Says:

    So glad to have you back, Kevin. Looking forward to following your Giller 2015 reading adventures.


  15. Barbara Warburton Says:

    Thank goodness you’re back. I’ve missed your blogs and look forward to the shadow Giller – always so insightful. Good health to you.


  16. KevinfromCanada Says:

    Heartfelt thanks for all the kind comments.


  17. Bob Parkins Says:

    WHat can I say: Well done man.


  18. kimbofo Says:

    It’s great to have you back, Kevin, you’ve been much missed around these parts. I’m really looking forward to taking part in this year’s Shadow Giller, it’s the highlight of my reading year.


  19. Lisa Hill Says:

    I can’t tell you how pleased I was this morning to see the email declaring that the KfC blog is back. But much as I love the blog, it’s the news that you are well enough to contemplate it that has brought such a smile to my face. This is wonderful news!


  20. Coffee Says:

    Welcome back – you have been missed:) Have you had a chance to do any reading (not reviewing) whilst you’ve been unwell ? Hoping your health improves.


  21. Judy gardner Says:

    Congratulations on being back. Trust your health will continue to improve. Like your blog so much I’ll look forward to reviews and discussions. A good time to begin again


  22. Pat Schneider Says:

    You were missed. Welcome back Kevin! Pat from Victoria, formerly of Calgary.


  23. queenofthepark Says:

    YoU certainly were missed. Excellent that you are up for another Shadow Giller, always a highlight for me!


  24. KevinfromCanada Says:

    Again, my thanks to old friends, web friends and friends that I did not know I had for their welcome kind words. It is good to be back.


  25. Deirdre Says:

    Welcome back! I just thought I’d have a look to see if you’re back and here you are! Great!


  26. Anokatony Says:

    I re-instated the link to your blog on my Blogroll. It will be interesting to see what Canada produced in fiction this year.


  27. dhanff Says:

    Welcome back. I’ve been watching this space all year hoping for something and was so happy when I checked it today and saw that you are up and running again. I look forward to following your bookish thoughts throughout the Shadow Giller 2015!


  28. Richard Says:

    Great news … Good to have you back. Richard. UK


  29. dovegreyreader Says:

    Oh what joy! Doing a little dance here in the Shire. So good to have you back and writing again Kevin…and can’t wait to read your verdict on the Giller this year. Meanwhile what about the Urquhart…it was a bit of a fail for me and not helped by reading JU stating that the she wrote to please herself now, but would love to know what you thought


  30. Victoria Says:

    I’ve checked your blog every few weeks to see if you were posting. Very pleased that you are well enough to be reading and blogging again. You have introduced me to lots of Canadian writers, who were new to me.


  31. sharkell Says:

    Lovely to see you back again Kevin.


  32. Shawna Says:

    It is wonderful to have you back, Kevin! Like many others I have been checking in regularly and I was delighted to hear that you are back to blogging and will be hosting the Shadow Giller again.


  33. Crake Says:

    So glad to have you back, Kevin. We missed you a lot!


  34. Max Cairnduff Says:

    Great to have you back Kevin. I hope things continue to improve, and in the meantime look forward to the reviews and Giller coverage.


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