KfC New Face of Fiction contest


If you scroll down one post, you will find my review of Touch, by Alexi Zentner, the third and final of my reviews of the 2011 New Faces of Fiction.

And, thanks to my friends at Random House Canada, KfC is proud to feature not one, but two contests, for copies of the three novels.

For Canadian visitors: Leave a comment on this post saying you are entering the Canadian contest and which novel is your choice. I’ll make three random draws and Random House has promised to mail copies to the lucky winners.

For International visitors: Since I didn’t have to buy any of these books, KfC will spring for an international contest. Leave a comment on this post with your choice and I’ll buy and ship a copy to the lucky winner.

The novels: A Cold Night for Alligators by Nick Crowe, Every Time We Say Goodbye by Jamie Zeppa and Touch, by Alexi Zentner. Just click on the cover below for a link to my review of each book. Deadline for entries is midnight GMT, April 20.

A Cold Night for Alligators


Every Time We Say Goodbye

19 Responses to “KfC New Face of Fiction contest”

  1. Zoe Says:

    wow such a great contest. I have heard awesome things about these all. I’m a canadian reader and I’d love to read a cold night for alligators.

    thanks for the contest!


  2. margaret dorval Says:

    I would like to start my springtime reading with Touch….please enter me in your draw. Three cheers for KfC contests!


  3. Guy Savage Says:

    I’m entering the drawing with the choice of A Cold Night for Alligators. The words “some low-life partying and violence” nailed it.


  4. Cheryl Collins Says:

    I’m putting my name down in the draw for Touch. Having loved Annabel and being predictably drawn to the faith theme I’m confident that I’d love this.


  5. Mary Towsnon Says:

    I would love to add ‘Everytime We Say Goodbye’ to the list of book I have read.


  6. marco Says:

    I’m International! (eh) Of the three, the one that inspires me most is ‘Touch’.


  7. Pat Says:

    After reading your reviews I would like to enter for the chance to win a copy of Touch.


  8. shawna Says:

    Fingers are crossed that this contest could be my lucky one! I would love to be entered for Touch. Thanks!


  9. Isabel Says:

    Kevin, please enter me as an international person.

    I would like to read A cold Night for Alligators.

    People go to FL in the summer to save money;no one from up north is there in August.

    Thanks for the contest.

    I like how Random House Canada nurtures writers.


  10. Ann Willis Says:

    I am always looking for a great book to read at the lake. Touch is my choice. Please enter my name in the draw. thanks Kevin!


  11. @KA Says:

    Canadian EH!!

    please enter me for the “Touch” draw as the novel sounds like a fabulous read

    Cheers Kevin


  12. DHB Says:

    Please enter me for the “Touch” draw. . .thanks!
    All the best,


  13. Jan K Says:

    Please enter me for A Cold Night for Alligators draw.


  14. Louise Says:

    What a fantastic contest – thank you. (And open to those of us living outside Canada – what a bonus.) I’d love to win a copy of Every Time We Say Goodbye. Cheers, Louise


  15. Aubs Says:

    I’d love to be entered to win ‘Touch’ as well…great idea!


  16. Andrea in Ottawa Says:

    Ahem. Watch that wording, people. “I would like to be entered for Touch.” Don’t you wish you’d said that differently?

    May I enter my name in your contest for Jamie Zeppa’s book? I enjoyed her story of going to Bhutan and marrying a Bhutanese man. I recall it winning the Air Canada story prize years ago. Hope I have that right.


  17. Julie Says:

    As Andrea in Ottawa remarked, I’ll be careful as to my wording… and would like to enter the contest for Zentner’s novel 🙂


  18. Curtis Says:

    Hi Kevin, thanks for the running this contest. All three sound interesting but I would say ‘Touch’ interests me the most. Canadian contest please, thanks!


  19. Kayla Says:

    Thanks for the reviews Kevin. Please enter me as a Canadian reader for A Cold Night for Alligators. Thank you!


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