Jane Urquhart contests


Thanks to our friends at McClelland and Stewart (and with some help from KfC), we are pleased to announce not one, not two, but three Jane Urquhart contests.

Contest Number One: For Canadian entrants only.

M&S has reissued three of Jane Urquhart’s earlier novels (I’ve read them all and recommend every one):

You can find out details about all three from M&S’s website here, but here is KfC’s thumbnail analysis of each:

Away is one of my favorite novels of all time — an exploration that extends from Ireland to Canada, a study in emigration and what it means to those who are involved.

The Stone Carvers is a very important novel in Canadian literary history — the reverse of Away if you want. A family that has always carved sends a descendant to France to help carve the incredible memorial at Vimy Ridge. “Reverse emigration” if you will.

The Map of Glass is Urquhart at her introspective best — set in the Thousand Islands of the St. Lawrence River it is a study of disruption and dislocation.

We have a copy of each to give away — so name which one you want and I’ll be consulting random.org to pick three winners.

Contest Number Two — also for Canadians only

Already own every Jane Urquhart book? Random House is also willing to supply your choice from this year’s New Face of Fiction — Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall’s Ghosted, Drew Taylor’s Motorcycles and Sweetgrass, Matthew Hooton’s Deloume Road or Carole Enaharo’s Doing Dangerously Well. You can find reviews by clicking on the author’s name on the right sidebar — just say in your entry which one you want. There will be one winner only in this category.

Contest Number Three — for international visitors here

While I am sure that Sanctuary Line will eventually be published internationally, I have seen no dates yet. So if you would like to get ahead of your friends, KevinfromCanada will order and send a copy internationally — and if you would prefer a previous Urquhart work instead, just say so in your entry.

To enter, simply leave your name and choice in the comments section of this post (yes, you can enter both contests 1 and 2 but you have to say what your choice is for both). Since we are planning a contest when the Giller shortlist is announced, entries for the Jane Urquhart contests will close on Oct. 3 at midnight, GMT. Enter soon.

34 Responses to “Jane Urquhart contests”

  1. Zoe Says:

    Can I just enter by leaving a comment here? I’m Canadian and I’d love to be entered in Contest #1 and 2, the books look fantastic and I haven’t read any of them yet.


  2. dovegreyreader Says:

    me me me me…sorry that’s a bit over-excited of Devon there, but I didn’t want to miss a new Jane Urquhart. The Stone Carvers one of my all time favourites.


  3. KevinfromCanada Says:

    dgr: Given your apple trees and prize-winning in local contests (even if it was not your entry), I am pretty sure you will find much to contemplate in this book. It does not have the grand scope of The Stone Carvers, but it offsets that with some very strong “growing up” themes. I like Urquhart a lot and this is a very fine work.


  4. Amy Says:

    Being a New Zealander, I would love a chance to get my hands on some Canadian fiction (therefore #3 for me). I think I’d go for the Sanctuary Line since, like you said, it doesn’t have an international publication date yet (and her earlier books are more likely to be here). Also the “Look out the window” at the beginning reminds me of an exercise I had to do in high school english based on Dylan Thomas’s Under Milkwood.

    I am now going to look up your faves, though.


  5. Linda C Says:

    Your review of the Sanctuary Line sounds wonderful. Add me to the International draw(#3)! Thanks.


  6. Crake Says:

    Thank you for the contests, Kevin. I’m in for the international one!

    My pick is Away. It sounds like a must read novel.


  7. Kirsty Says:

    Sounds great – sign me up for the international draw please!


  8. Who Has Seen the Wind by W.O. Mitchell « Hungry Like the Woolf Says:

    […] Note: This book was part of my prize in a KfC-sponsored contest a few months ago. If you are not aware, he is running one as I type with entries closing October 3. Go get your entry in now. […]


  9. Jackie (Farm Lane Books) Says:

    I’d love to win a copy of Sanctuary Line. International comp #3. It sounds wonderful. Thank you!


  10. Kinna Says:

    Please enter me for draw #3 and Away. Thanks.


  11. Patricia Says:

    Contest #1:
    I would love a copy of the Stone Carvers to read.

    For contest #2 Carole Enaharo’s Doing Dangerously Well is a book I think I’d very much like to read.

    Thanks for sponsoring this contest.


  12. leroyhunter Says:

    Can’t resist after the review. #3 please, for Sanctuary Line.


  13. AK Says:




    ‘Motorcycles and Sweetgrass’


  14. Shawna Says:

    Ever hopeful….

    Contest #1:
    I don’t have a copy of The Stone Carvers and would love one.

    Contest #2:
    I think Matthew Hooton’s Deloume Road is my pick, that one intrigued me when I read your review.

    Thanks for the contest, Kevin!


  15. Mike G Says:

    Contest #1

    Stone Carvers


  16. Gillian Howard Says:

    I’d like to enter all three Jane Urquhart contest………..do you need three e-mails?


  17. KevinfromCanada Says:

    Gillian: Since you are Canadian, you can only enter Contests One and Two (and are entered so no more messages are required).


  18. Lori L Says:

    I’ve never read Jane Urquhart and after your review, I would like to give one of her books a try. I’m international, so #3, Sanctuary Line.


  19. Janis Goodman Says:

    I love Jane Urquhart’s novels, am pleased to hear that there is a new one to look forward to and would be thrilled to have a copy sent to the UK. Contest number 3 please.


  20. Janis Goodman Says:

    PS And I would like a copy of “Sanctuary Line ” please.


  21. deucekindred Says:

    The Sanctuary Line sounds interesting! So I’m entering Contest 3 🙂

    ( from a Maltese/Canadian)


  22. Nena Athar Says:

    For contest one I would like: The Map of Glass
    For contest two I would like: Delume Road


  23. Margaret Says:

    I love your contests!

    I am purely Canadian with a touch of Irish. Away please for contest #1.
    Deloume Road for contest #2 please.

    Thank you KfC.


  24. BernardT Says:

    I have never read Jane Urquhart and would like to give “Away” a try. Thank, KFC!


  25. BernardT Says:

    For the second contest, my pick is “Ghosted” by Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall.


  26. Alyssa Says:

    I haven’t read any of these books, but would love to.

    Contest #1 and #2: I would be pleased to own any of these books.



  27. Brad Says:

    For contest 1, I would like the map of glass and for contest 2, motorcycles and sweetgrass.



  28. Isabel Says:

    No 3. for me!

    Thanks for doing this, KofC!


  29. Cherine Badwi-Hlady Says:

    Contest #1: Would love a copy of Map of Glass. Own Away, but haven’t read it yet. Stone Carvers one of my favourite novels and this passage about the (carved names) at the Vimy Ridge Memorial haunts me still:

    “Lines, circles, and curves corresponding to a cherished, remembered sound called over fields at summer dusk from a back porch door, shouted perhaps in anger or whispered in passion, or in prayer, in the winter dark. All that remained of torn faces, crushed bone, scattered limbs.”

    Contest #2: Ghosted.




  30. Sarah Says:

    Given the Munro comparison, I’d love to try The Sanctuary Line so please enter me in comp. 3. Thanks!


  31. cole baiker Says:

    I would love to win either contest #1 or contest #2. She is
    a great author!! Thanks!


  32. Cheryl Collins Says:

    I’d like to enter contest number three please, I think you know where to find me, thank you


  33. Colette Jones Says:

    Looks like I spotted this just in time. Contest 3 for me.


  34. kimbofo Says:

    Hope I’m not too late. Please enter me in #3.


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