And a copy of Annabel goes to…



Congratulations — I’ll be in touch via email to get a shipping address. My special thanks to author Kathleen Winter for the excellent guest post and to House of Anansi Press for both providing me with a copy of Annabel and offering one for the contest. Thanks as well to everyone who commented on Kathleen’s post.

3 Responses to “And a copy of Annabel goes to…”

  1. Lisa Hill Says:

    hi Kevin, I know this is not the right place to leave this, but I thought of you and your indigenous storytelling query as soon as I saw it:


  2. KevinfromCanada Says:

    Thanks for the link, Lisa. whisperinggums had mentioned this one and I appreciate the expanded review. Looks to me as though Austalian indigenous people have their own version of the North American “Trickster” spirit.


  3. alison Says:

    I am thrilled to win a copy of Kathleen Winter’s book. Her guest blog was most impressive and made me want to read some of her suggested titles…after, of course, I read Annabel


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