New Face of Fiction Winners


Thanks to the wonders of, we have two winners:

1. The Canadian contest winner is Katie, who chose Ghosted.
2. The International contest winner is David Dean, who chose Doing Dangerously Well (and who said he is currently reading Deloume Road).

I will be in touch with both winners via email to set up delivery. Thanks to everyone (especially Lisa Hill and her wonderful, abject plea) for entering.

10 Responses to “New Face of Fiction Winners”

  1. Isabel Says:

    I enjoyed this contest. Congrats to the winner,


  2. whisperinggums Says:

    I never win anything … of course, it might have helped had I actually got myself organised enough to enter! Congrats to the winners who did.


  3. Maylin Says:

    This was a great contest to have – thanks Kevin for reading and reviewing all four books. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased that the entrants’ choices were split rather evenly between all four. And Lisa Hill – the consolation prize is that I’m sure I’m not the only reader who has gone to your blog and bookmarked it. I’m woefully under-read when it comes to Australian and New Zealand literature, so I’m looking foward to reading your suggestions.


  4. David Dean Says:

    What a wonderful surprise it was to find I’d won! Thanks Kevin for organising such a generous contest.

    I’ve e-mailed you my postal address.

    (Hope I haven’t added this comment multiple times – I seem to be having trouble getting it to post!)


  5. Crake Says:

    Congrats to the two winners!


  6. rickp Says:

    Thanks for generously holding the contest, Kevin.

    I didn’t win but definitely plan to read Ghosted.


  7. kimbofo Says:

    Kevin, your British-based readers might like to know that Deloume Road is available to buy here in hardcover.

    And it looks like Ghosted is due to be published in the UK this coming October — it can be pre-order on the Book Depository website.

    The other two titles are not in print here.


  8. KevinfromCanada Says:

    Thanks for that data, Kim. I did notice that David Dean (who has posted a very thoughtful comment on Deloume Road today) mentioned the book on the Man Booker discussion site — and was surprised to discover that it has found a UK publisher. And I am a little surprised tha Ghosted has also found a UK publisher, although I think those who liked Even The Dogs will find it to be an interesting contrast.


  9. David Dean Says:

    Kevin, I’ve been meaning to let you know (and repeatedly forgetting to) that my books turned up last week, on my birthday no less! Doing Dangerously Well has a particularly nice cover design. I’m trying to catch up with some of the eligible titles for the Booker at the moment, and then will no doubt be reading as many of the longlist as I can get through, but I will read both books in due course and let you know what I think of them.
    Thanks again,


  10. KevinfromCanada Says:

    David: Great news. I too am pretty much preoccupied with Booker reading at the moment. It always seems that July and August are my UK months and then I get back to Canadian fiction as the summer comes to a close.


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